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Dental Sleep Apnea Training

One of the newest and most dramatic specialities in dentistry, treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances, is a proven profit generator. Further, the opportunity to create a patient for life, because your practice has addressed snoring in the bedroom, breathing obstruction, sleep quality, bruxism, acid reflux, headaches and daytime sleepiness, is powerful beyond measure. 

Phase One: Laying the Foundation

If you're doing it right, you're working with your patient's medical team and billing medical insurance to treat sleep apnea. You need to have access to sleep study technology. Your staff must be able to answer questions about this process as easily as they can answer a question about decay or a filling. You need training, diagnostic tools and a team to support you. We have just what you need.

Phase Two: Training wheels

Actual chairside training that shows your staff how to take your first appliances from initial appointment to the delivery and billing of your very first mandibular repositioning devices. 

Phase Three: Marketing for Success

Our advertising agency has a strategy that completely turbo-charges your sleep apnea treatment program. Ask your patients if they'd like to know how to stop snoring! It's almost unfair! 

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