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Photo of Joi Laurenn

"St. Joyseph" Joi Laurenn

Col. (Ret)/Dr. Larry "The Fixer" O'Neill

"St. Joyseph" Joi Laurenn

Our Business Management and Insurance Specialist Is ALL ABOUT COLLECTIONS AND EFFICIENCY. She works closely with Mike and Larry to use compliant technology to streamline your office flow to make more patients happy, faster. That's really what it's all about.

You need to have up-to-date billing protocols. You have to document EVERYTHING. It takes all of the team working in harmony to bill insurance properly.

Joi has optimized billing and collections for over 20 years and can identify office flow and communication issues and settle them with ease.

For some Dental Offices, this is the greatest challenge: Manage office flow and communication to increase collection efficiency.

Your hygienists are the front lines in patient interaction. Their knowledge includes powerful tools to provide ideal dentistry and not have to sell dentistry.

Office management technology has grown by leaps and bounds. The New Digital Office is powerful, secure, efficient and compliant.

The New Office is faster, more efficient and secure.

Photo of Mike O'Neill

Mike "Mean Mug" O'Neill

Col. (Ret)/Dr. Larry "The Fixer" O'Neill

"St. Joyseph" Joi Laurenn

What's there to say about this guy? Deranged? Mad Genius? All we know is he tenaciously fights for every Advertising Dollar that you spend and finds ways to make things happen fast, often using social and mass media. He also designs and creates content himself! Mostly because he's impatient.

Check out the PORTFOLIO Page to see some of the more interesting projects put together by Mike. He has extensive experience with Technology Integration, SEO, Advertising and Marketing

Every Dental Clinic faces different challenges, and Mike always seems to find a strategy that optimizes the use of your Dental Office's Advertising Budget 

(What's that you say? "I don't really have one?")

Yeah, Mike already knows that. 

Mike also leads the team in integration of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment using Mandibular Repositioning Devices and the billing of Medical Insurance to include Medicare and Medicaid.

Photo of Larry J O'Neill DMD

Col. (Ret)/Dr. Larry "The Fixer" O'Neill

Col. (Ret)/Dr. Larry "The Fixer" O'Neill

Col. (Ret)/Dr. Larry "The Fixer" O'Neill

48 year career in clinical dentistry, both in the U.S. Army Dental Corps and twenty years in a very successful private practice. My clinical expertise includes:

Restorative dentistry

Fixed and removable prosthetics including Cerec

Oral diagnosis (including Cone Beam and digital x-ray)

Implant placement and restoration (Fixed and Removable)

TMJ, OSA, snoring

All exodontia procedures including third molars

Endodontics (anterior and posterior) and apical surgery


Simple perio surgery

Waterlase and diode laser treatment

Additionally, during my military career, I served some eight years as an IG inspecting dental compliance with Federal and Army regulations. I am very familiar with requirements for HIPPA and OSHA and how to document the program.

Larry J. O’Neill, DMD, MAGD, ABGD

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