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Dr. O fills in for your Doc in case of emergency, illness, or vacation. Keep your business profitable while you're away and stay open!

Larry J O'Neill DMD PC

Experienced Dentist and Proven Track Record

Fill-in emergency dental services? You need a Doc to cover you for personal reasons, illness or even a well-deserved vacation? Doctor O'Neill's breadth of knowledge in general and emergency dentistry is turning 47 years old soon. There are few situations he has not encountered and even fewer that he can't fix.

HIPAA and OSHA Inspections. As an IG in Military Service spanning 25 years he knows the rules and regulations. We keep the HIPAA and OSHA standards up to date in real time and alert you of the ever-changing landscape in these interesting times. Check out the Resume Below!

Larry J ONeill DMD sitting in the laboratory holding cast models of a patient's teeth.

Dr. Larry J O'Neill

Dr. Larry O'Neill wrapping up a dental surgical procedure.

Clinical Capabilities

Larry has a 47  year career in clinical dentistry, both in the U.S. Army Dental Corps and twenty years in a very successful private practice. Dr. O'Neill is an experienced dentist available to fill-in as your emergency dentist for hire! My clinical expertise includes but is not limited to:

-Restorative dentistry

-Fixed and Removable Prosthesis including CEREC

-Oral Diagnosis (including Cone Beam and digital x-ray)

-Implant Placement and Restoration (Fixed and Removable)

-TMJ, OSA, Snoring

-All Exodontia Procedures including third molars

-Endodontics (anterior and posterior) and Apical Surgery


-Simple Perio Surgery

-Waterlase and Diode Laser Treatment

Larry J. O’Neill, DMD, MAGD, ABGD 

One Day Dental Make Over

He's pretty good with the 'ole CEREC! Check out this dramatic one-day dental make over!

Total clinical Protocol Optimization

Office Inspections and "Secret Shoppers"

Office Inspections and "Secret Shoppers"

Office Inspections and "Secret Shoppers"

Woman consultant in the dental office looking up from her skype meeting and smiling at the camera.

Dr. O'Neill can analyze your clinical and compliance protocols and our team can send "secret shoppers" to your clinic to report what it's like to actually BE A PATIENT AT YOUR OFFICE!


Office Inspections and "Secret Shoppers"

Office Inspections and "Secret Shoppers"

Hand writing on a chalk board showing a diagram of the the elements of HIPAA and OSHA compliance for the modern dental office.

As soon as there is a change, update or change in enforcement of HIPAA or OSHA, we'll update your online manual and send you video training for new protocols! ...and man are they changing quickly!

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